Telling Stories in Pictures

During Becky’s April Bright Square photo challenge I opened the archives to December 2019 and January 2020. Now I’m sharing more of our pre-pandemic holiday in California and Nevada with stories that just couldn’t be squared!

Postcards from America

Many cities’ art galleries are full of works depicting the region’s history and culture and the city of Exeter in Tulare County, California is no exception. What makes Exeter’s gallery unique is the location – it’s outdoors!

More than 30 spectacular murals have been created on the walls of historic buildings in the city centre. Some are time capsules, showing street scenes from bygone days. Others portray the people of Exeter going about their daily work, both in the past and the present. The scenic Sierra Nevada mountains and their native flora and fauna are also featured.

Come with me for a walk along the streets of downtown Exeter to see some of these beautiful works of art.

Orange Harvest 1996: the first mural painted in Exeter

Exeter Road Race Circa 1916 2006: competitors prepare for a race through the streets of Exeter

Our Town, Circa 1925 1999: a sepia depiction of Pine Street

Yokuts Harvest 1997: Yokuts Indians harvest sour berries in spring

Timber Trail 2001: a mule train and wagons transport timber to Atwell Mill in the late 1800s

Golden Harvest 2000: farmers harvest a wheat crop circa 1915

Hometown News 2004: Staff busy at work in the Exeter Sun Newsroom circa 1920s

The People Behind the Label 2000: farmers harvest emperor grapes mid 20th Century

Packing Ladies 1997: Exeter Citrus Packing House circa 1950

Exeter Fruit Labels 1999: labels used by Exeter’s fruit packing houses

Mineral King “In Our Backyard” 2009: featuring the mountains of the historical Mineral King area

Poppies and Lupine 1998: California poppies and lupine grow beside the Kaweah River

Rocky Hill Guardina 2008: a mountain lion guards the entrance to a cave on Rocky Hill

One long mural honours those who have served in the Armed Forces.

Freedom Fighters 2010: dedicated to veterans in all branches of the armed forces

Freedom Fighters 2010

Another, taking up almost a whole city block, celebrates Exeter’s centenary.

Exeter Centennial 1911-2011 2011: Celebrating the city’s centennial with depictions of Pine Street circa 1911

Exeter Centennial 1911-2011

Every year since that first wall was painted in 1996 more murals are added to the collection. The tradition of visual story telling is alive and well in Exeter.

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  1. Wow, I would love to see this town! It reminds me a little of Anacortes in WA which has a collection of street art murals, but nothing like on this scale – amazing! My favourites are Poppies and Lupine, the mountain lion and the Timber Trail πŸ™‚

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  2. fantastic, love towns that do this. There is a tiny town in Portugal which has created something similar using azulejos. Such a wonderful way to record a town’s heritage

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  4. I’ve been talking to Natalie the Explorer about starting a brief photo challenge on murals. These are fabulous pictures of the place so close to home that I know so well. I don’t even remember you talking all these pictures. Wow!

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