The Kissing Bridge

Canada #28 West Montrose

As the pair walking hand in hand disappears into the darkness, it’s easy to see how the covered bridge at West Montrose got its nickname. In the past, lit only by coal oil lamps, there would have been ample time to steal a kiss or two as courting couples made the crossing in their buggies.

Even though the 62 metre bridge is now lit by electric fittings, there are still parts where the lighting is dim.

The covered bridge spanning the slow-moving waters of the Grand River is the last of its kind in Ontario. It has been restored and adapted to take the weight of modern vehicles, with the modifications cleverly hidden beneath the original structure.

Once across the bridge the country road continues alongside the river, but walkers are not encouraged to dawdle.

Just as pedestrians and 21st century vehicles regularly use the bridge, traditional Mennonite buggies also continue to go back and forth every day.

Although this gentleman has no pretty young lady by his side today, I wonder if he’s made use of the kissing bridge in the past.

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40 thoughts on “The Kissing Bridge

  1. I wish we had these gorgeous covered bridges in our part of the world. And they are romantic – as is that horse and buggy. I do wonder why the ‘no lingering’ sign is there though – do you suppose the kisses under cover lead to a roll in the hay…… 🙂

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    • There were several signs indicating that the river bank was private property although we couldn’t figure out who owned it as there didn’t seem to be a home on that side of the road. I wondered if in the past there have been problems with people setting up camp beside the river. It would be tempting to pull up in your camper or pitch a tent in such a picturesque location. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take their kisses any further in that spot though. It’s a little exposed! 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful piece of preserved history, Carol! And I love your story telling 🙂 🙂 That couple appeared at just the right time, didn’t they? And the buggies… fabulous! No lingering though… what a cheek! 🙂 Thank, darlin! Glad you’ve put your rainy day to good use.

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    • The bridge has been reinforced with concrete and steel but you’d never know it. All the work has been hidden so cleverly. We think the no lingering order might be to prevent people camping along the water. I’m so glad you enjoyed this story, Jo.

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  3. No lingering is a bit harsh! I love covered bridges, first came across them in New Hampshire and got the bug to go looking for more! Love the shot of the buggy. Are Mennonites like the Amish people?

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