Edge Walking

Canada #27 CN Tower, Toronto

If the thought of walking around the outside of a concrete tower 356 metres above the ground leaves you feeling uneasy, it might be best to look away now. But if you’re comfortable seeing others do it please read on.

At a height of 553.33 metres, CN Tower dominates the skyline of downtown Toronto. With a 102 metre broadcasting antenna atop the concrete tower, the structure is visible from anywhere in the city.

Up closer, look again and you may see intrepid tourists braving the EdgeWalk, the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk. Balanced on a ledge just 1.5 metres wide and attached by safety harnesses, EdgeWalkers go right around the main pod, testing their daring along the way by leaning out over the edge.

I’ve said in the past I’m not bothered by heights, with the proviso that I know I am safe. Even though I had no reservations about the safety of EdgeWalk, I knew this was literally a step too far for me. So while Glen and our daughter took up the challenge, I rode up in the elevator to the SkyPod. From a further 91 metres above, I watched their father-daughter adventure unfold.

After half an hour outside, they re-entered the pod and I could see them no more. It was my turn go wandering.

As I waited for them on the Lookout Level I enjoyed spectacular 360° views of the city.

I gazed out over the Toronto Islands to the vast expanse of Lake Ontario.

I stood on the glass floor and looked down to the pavement 342 metres below.

I ventured onto the Outdoor Sky Terrace, where a chilly breeze blowing through the safety netting was proof that I did actually go outside the tower.

So if like me you draw the line at walking around the outside, make sure you still go to the top of CN Tower. The views are amazing and you can always look down on those who do go walking.

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54 thoughts on “Edge Walking

  1. You are an amazingly adventurous lot! When I was younger I would have been all over hanging off a mile high tower – but no more. I even wonder if I can do the looking down thing from the glass walkway these days – vertigo might drop me to my knees! 😀 Fabulous views though, so maybe worth the effort.

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  2. I think you’re right, Carol- a step too far! I like heights for the views but I’m not a derring-do person. I’d have been content to look. 🙂 🙂 I think I’d have had my heart in my mouth watching. Did you wish at any point that you were with them? And anyway- someone had to take the photos 🙂 Thanks, darlin!

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  3. I wouldn’t do that EVER! No way! No how! Nah uh!!
    But my sister did. A couple of years ago. And it was the thrill of a life time.
    I’d say you made the better choice- and snagged some amazing photos! Love the views over Toronto Island.

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  5. Great photos – as always! I especially like the sculptural one of the CN Tower between the two other buildings and the one below that. And of course the ones of your daring husband and daughter ‘hanging out’! I wish I could call myself an ‘Edgewalker’, but sadly I’m not. A step too far! I imagine the feeling afterwards is similar to the first time one jumps out of a plane! What camera are you using? (if you don’t mind sharing that info)

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    • You’re probably right. They were so excited afterwards. It must have been exhilarating. I love my camera. It’s a Panasonic Lumix TZ110. It’s very light and compact but it has a fabulous zoom and some great features, like post-focus and burst.

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      • That’s interesting. I have the Lumix LX100 (came out a couple of years before yours). I’m envious of your zoom! And I think yours is a bit lighter (more envy!). I still need to learn some of the features!

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  6. Love the views but I don’t think I could have done the edge walk. Yikes! I’d like to think when I was younger I would have done it but now … I don’t think so. What an amazing experience though.

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