In A Different Light

Minerva Hills National Park

The rugged terrain of Mount Zamia Plateau dominates the landscape surrounding the little town of Springsure. Most striking is Virgin Rock, a massive formation once joined to the plateau but long ago separated by erosion of the softer upper layers of stone.

The rock is named for naturally formed features on the side which appear to resemble the Virgin Mary cradling her new-born baby. At midday, with the sun shining directly on the rock, the figures are clearly visible.

From a different vantage point later in the day the shapes are hidden in the shadows.

As evening comes on, the crimson hues of a vivid sunset cast a rosy glow over the rock.

When nature’s illumination fades into darkness, Virgin Rock is still visible from Springsure. Strategically placed floodlights bring the rock into sharp focus, accentuating its dominance in this ancient landscape.

26 thoughts on “In A Different Light

  1. Some people have far more imagination than me, Carol! I never would have spotted her if you hadn’t said. I especially love the angle and lighting of that third shot. Hope all’s well with you. Have a lovely weekend!

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  2. I’m afraid I can’t really see the Virgin and baby, and I always think someone ‘imagines’ things like this to draw in the tourists. Having said that it is a lovely scene and the sunset is gorgeous.


    • Mary is clearly visible underneath the overhang on the side of the rock. The child is not so clear any more as the formation has eroded away over time. The rock was named when the first farms were settled here in 1860 and I expect the people who came up with the name were probably finding comfort in something familiar in what must have been a harsh environment rather than thinking about the tourist dollar 160 years in the future.


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